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Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch

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Welcome to Freedom Field Naturist Ranch

Welcome to the FFNR Community site. We have created an area for naked communication for a wide variety of individuals. Your profiles and your settings can be set to your comfort level of the site. So if you want friends only to view your groups and or video's, photos and or information please take the time to set your privacy settings accordingly. What we are also asking is that everyone have a COMPLETE PROFILE. So please take the time to set yours up. No profile picture (Avatar in small circle) and cover page picture (Larger picture that sits behind your Avatar picture) (BOTH MUST BE UPLOADED) will indicate to us that you wish to be removed from the site. With having a complete profile this allows others within the community to can get to know you and have a better comfort level while enjoying themselves on our site. All insincere individuals that are just passing through will be removed from the site. We are allowing two weeks to get yourselves set up after this time period all incomplete profiles will be deleted. Group Creation is encouraged (Some open, some closed). You acknowledge by joining any groups that sensitive material may be present and by joining you accept the material within the group and maintain the choice to stay or remove yourself from any particular group. This is a friendly open minded site and no bullying will be tolerated. Enjoy yourself and make friends along the way. Please remain respectful. All groups created will be managed and monitored by the group creator and the administrators of this site. Thank You FFNR

Kong Cabin Cabin Cannabis

The Kong Cabin

The Cannabis Cabin

In 2010 two very passionate individuals decided that a little piece of heaven was needed for adult nudists to enjoy.

Yvonne and Hector had been nudists for many years and after the resort they both lived in was bought by a camp ground company, the occupants were informed that the place they so lovingly called home was to become a trailer park community that would no longer allow for nudity. Well enough said, the decision was made to go out and find a location where they and their like minded community could continue to gather and enjoy a life style that they are so fond of.

In March of 2011 the purchase of 100 acres approximately 30 minutes north of Napanee / Kingston, Ontario was made. For the first year there, the time was taken to get to know the surrounding community and explain the upcoming plans to as many as they could so that there would no surprises once the doors to Freedom Fields officially opened for enjoyment.

During this same time they made many improvements to make it as comfortable as possible for this new venture and in July of 2012 they opened their doors with a Grand Opening Celebration.

Since the opening of Freedom Fields they have had the pleasure of meeting some really wonderful people along their journeys and have and continue to make some really awesome and long lasting friendships. Year after year they have seen an increase in numbers and the membership continues to grow.

The members here are very welcoming and a pleasure to be around we look forward to continued growth and meeting many more like minded individuals in the years to come.

We look forward to your visit


2018 Annual Membership Rates

Annual Singles Membership

$525.00 + HST

Annual Couples Membership

$630.00 + HST

Annual Community Garden Participation / Membership Fee

$280.00 + HST

Annual Artristic Expression Courses Participation / Membership Fee

$280.00 + HST

Annual Farming Tourist Package Participation / Membership Fee

$280.00 + HST

All Seasonal Memberships entitles members to a 10% discounts off:

Camp Site Rentals
Seasonal Camping Sites
Bed and Breakfast Room Rentals
Rustic Cabin Rentals


All members must agree to and follow all policies, rules and regulations as they are and are amended as needed by Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch to maintain membership status.

Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch Policies

Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch additional rates and fees:

Freedom Day fees
Bed and Breakfast rates and fees
Camping and seasonal rates and fees
Cabin Rentals Rates and Fees

Reservation Cancellation and Refund Policy

Notice of cancellation 10 business days or greater prior to reserved date.
Full refund less $25.00 + HST administration fee.

Notice of cancellation 5 – 10 business days prior to reserved date.
50% refund.

Notice of cancellation less than 5 days notice prior to reserved date.
No Refund.

(All pricing is in Canadian Currency and pricing is subject to periodic changes and do not include applicable taxes)

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