Address : 592 Carroll Road, Tamworth, ON, K0K 3GO
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Ph : (613) 358-9375

About our Naturist Ranch

"Living and enjoying life clothing free"

In March of 2011 Hector and Yvonne started a dream, one that was and is to be shared with their open minded and care free nudist friends.

After being nudists and part of a wonderful community over the years, they found themselves at a cross road in life where their environment for their lifestyle was being changed into a textile community. As passionate as they are about their nudity they ventured to open Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch affectionately known as Freedom Fields.

This name seems to resonate the true feeling as to what the ranch is all about. Pure Freedom!

Since their grand opening in 2012 they have had the pleasure of meeting many fun and wonderful individuals that have made the journey worthwhile and their hopes are to always grow the business in the direction that best suits the guests and members.

Many upgrades have been implemented for the enjoyment of the guests since year one such as, the beautiful 1300 sq ft deck area where the hot tub, sauna and the community can gather and enjoy the sunshine while socializing.

Hector's "Hungry Hut" was opened in 2013 for food and refreshments and in 2014 we were happy to see the opening of the pool area with a swim up bar Pudd's Puddle.

In 2015 they will be opening up two rustic rental cabins with more planned for future enjoyment. You will also see the opening of a social area within the 5000 sq ft barn where a beautiful (keeping with the theme) ranch style bar and social area has been created for event evenings, live entertainment and just a great place to gather and have fun.

Over the fall, winter and the upcoming spring members of Freedom Fields took it upon themselves to help clear some hiking trails, post some trail signs and clear more camping areas to help facilitate more people for the upcoming season. A special thank you to those who did this for all our benefit.

The inside of the Bed & Breakfast also had the guests room upgraded and refreshed. A welcoming country feel for all to enjoy.

Everyone here at Freedom Fields looks forward to the upcoming season and for the exciting adventure to continue.