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Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

FAQs - All FAQs

In consideration for the safety of your children we have determined that we CAN NOT have children around the ranch. Horses, as docile in nature as they are, can also be spooked easily and we would never wish any harm on anyone. The ranch has a policy of use at your own risk and as adults you are responsible for your own safety, please use common sense.

Pets are welcome, tent and trailer camping only as long as they are kept leashed and are looked after at all times . NO PETS ARE ALLOWED in the B & B, we have 4 house cats that we need to consider. No pets are allowed in Cabin Rentals or the Barn. We do have two farm dogs of our own and are never leashed do to the farming responsibilities that our dogs have. ​​Our dogs are loving creatures however they are very protective of our farm and can be territorial with other dogs. So please consider this when you come camping and wish to bring your beloved pet.


Camping is available starting May 1st through to October 31st. Many camp sites have been cleared and prepared for your camping enjoyment.

​​We will be continuing to clear and prepare sites on an on-going basis to further accommodate campers and seasonals. If you are interested in a seasonal site please make inquiries directly. or call us at (613) 358-9375

Yes you are! We have a philosophy that your behaviour is your passport.

Erections are a part of a human's nature.

Most first timers will not experience this on their first visit as we would suggest you would be to nervous.

However, if in the event that it does occur in our common areas we ask that you be respectful of others around you and take it to more suitable location.

We are non judgmental of your personal choices in your life. You are welcomed in much the same way as anyone sporting any scars and or tattoos.

We are in no way concerned with anyone's sexual preferences throughout there daily lives and believe that what consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of our business nor that of anyone else's.

That being said we have our policies regarding our common areas. So please take the time to read our polices.

Here are a few suggestions as to what you would want to consider bringing for a Freedom Day Visit.

  • A Towel (we can rent you one for $5.00 for the day)
  • Sun Tan Lotions / Sun Screen
  • The Hungry Hut available for Beverages and food
  • Closed toe shoes for hiking
  • A lounge chair of your choice
  • Bug Spray

We would like to encourage all to have a complete profile including Avatar and a Cover Photo.

This allows you and fellow users to get to know each other better, making new and meeting old friends along the way.

We do understand the sensitivity of posting nude photo's for some and would encourage that you can contribute to the various closed groups and or create your own group to best fit your comfort level.

You also can set your privacy settings to allow for friends only to view your profiles and your content.

PLEASE NOTE: all incomplete profiles after two weeks will be deleted from the site.



For Avatar:

Make sure you are on your profile page.

Click on the small either male or female temporary Avatar head (Small Circle Area). You should see a little camera and click on that.

You will now get the message to upload your photo. (Please re-size all photos to make it easier for uploading).

Click upload photo.

Once uploaded you will be able to move the frame around and size as you wish, to capture what you want as a thumbnail.

Once positioned click SAVE THUMBNAIL

For Cover: 

I would suggest that you return to your profile page again and or refresh your page before starting to upload your cover page.

You will find on the temporary cover page on at the upper right side, a small gray oval circle which has what appears to look like a small wheel in the oval. Click on that.

Choose the Modify Cover option.

Upload Photo (Again please make sure you re size your photos to make it easier for uploading)

You can now go back to the same button and choose to Re-position Cover.

Move the picture to where you want it and click Save.