HYPERBOREA (Private Event)

HYPERBOREA (Private Event)

From May 19, 2017 9:00 am until May 22, 2017 9:00 pm

At 592 Carroll Rd, Tamworth, ON K0K 3G0, Canada

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Breaking Ground

Tickets on sale as of March 15th 2017


Ancient Greek Writings


In the dessert of Nevada each year an extraordinary event known as “Burning Man” is hosted for participants and their inclusive members.
This year BurnToronto is hosting such an event here at the ranch and has offered special pricing for our members. Event has been capped at 350 participants.

We encourage anyone wishing information surrounding the principals and philosophies of the organization to contact them directly and get involved in an exciting event such as theirs. 

For further information and reservations please contact them at the following link:


Hyperborea 2017 (The Land Beyond The North Wind)
Will be hosted between May 19th and May 22nd 2017 in the back fields of FFNR. 
Pricing does not include
FFNR's Campsites, Day Fees, Cabins, B&B, Room Accommodations or FFNR Events.

Registration for this event is mandatory through the organizers.

Special Pricing for FFNR Members:

Members booking prior to April 15th 2017 $50.00 per person for entire event
(proof of FFNR membership required)

Please Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
to secure procedure for bookings.

Non members and members booking after April 15th 2017 $75.00 per person for entire event.

Non members and members booking at the gate $100.00 per person for entire event.
(limitations are based on available tickets at this time)

Special FFNR Day Pass Special 
$30.00 per day, per person.

This pricing is available to those who wish to just visit on a daily basis to get familiar and explore.

Reserve your spots with FFNR if you plan on camping or booking your stay with us. 

Thank You FFNR


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