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The Majority of Society Stigmatizes The Unknown

This past weekend here at Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch an event was held to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Woodstock and we called it Freedom Festival. During our Festival we promoted healthy clothes free living alongside other like minded nudists and celebrated the music and times of Woodstock. We were honored to have a special presentation surrounded the benefits of medical marijuana. Mr Al Graham presented a short documentary called "If Cannabis Could Cure Cancer?" Followed by a lengthy and informative Q & A period surrounding a topic for me that was quite educational.

As I sat back watching the weekend unfold it occurred to me that nether the nudist or marijuana was socially accepted and or illegal to many degrees. Why? was my major question. I watched these fun loving nudist thoroughly enjoying themselves without a care in the world. Not one among them was aggressive, violent, perverted, crude, rude or misbehaving in any fashion. They were just good, down to earth souls enjoying life as it was intended to be.

What I find amazing is that a couple of issues such as social nudity and the decriminalization of medical marijuana had one common denominator. Social acceptability!

People seem to fear the unknown and without these individuals having had any prior experience to either I would venture to guess that the average person would have negative and unwarranted feelings towards both of these issues.

Now from a nudist's perspective and having been around social nudity for approximately 20 years I feel comfortable discussing and expressing how natural being naked is for me. I find that I can openly discuss the why, where's and what for's of being a nudist without any hesitation. I am very comfortable in my own skin. I often find myself pleasantly surprised when a new comer comes along and is willing to make that first try at social nudity. Then to find for the most part that many can not figure out what all the hubbub was about and that they should have taken part long before this first time.

Many of these individuals have been conditioned through social media, peer pressure, government, legal issues and their child hood upbringing that it is wrong to be seen naked. Well in all honesty we were all born that way and are the only animals on earth that think we require clothing. Now this is not say there is not a place and time when natures elements force us to do so.

I am very passionate about being a nudist and promoting social nudity, it is something I personally feel very strong about. I saw that same passion in our presenter while he was presenting his film surrounding the benefits of medical marijuana. I learned a great deal from the seminar and thought if only I had seen this years ago things might have been a little different in my life.

You see I too was one of the masses who frowned upon my personally smoking marijuana. It was for one illegal and from what I knew of pot it was just a drug that people smoked to get high. I have been around it all my life and watched the effects that I saw in others, the giggling, the munches and for some I thought it just made them just plan lazy. What I was doing was the same thing as many do and was adding labels to this massive population as "pot heads".

In 2002 I was in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor trailer and as a result of that accident I now have a painful condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. For many years I went though the traditional medical treatments with the doctors and drug after drug they were willing to throw my way only adding more damaging fuel to the fire so to speak. Then one day I was actually horrified when my doctor suggested that he could give me a card and prescribe medical marijuana for the pain. I think my immediate reaction was one of OMG I will be labelled a druggie. Now of course in hind sight I look back at how silly that realization really was because lets face it the pills the doctors were prescribing were far more damaging and dangerous than a simple joint of marijuana. I only had of wished back then that I had been further educated surrounding the benefits of the substance instead of being allowed to let my social graces get in the way. You see I never realized how there were other methods of ingesting the medical properties of the plant other than smoking it, and without going into all the technical terminology of the plant it appears that the benefits are staggering. Throughout the whole presentation I sat there thinking how this might help a very dear friend of mine who has been diagnosed with bone cancer and wondered "knowing her that she would probably have the same reaction as I had ultimately had. No way it is illegal and she would not want to be seen as a pot head either. It's a shame really because from what I gathered it has a great deal of healing properties to it and drug companies and governments are standing in the way for progress.

This whole thing is sad really that because of the unknown and what has been decided for us that we have a fear of the many unknowns. What is perceived as socially acceptable is being given a bad rap and things need to change. We as human beings need to stand back and stop being judgemental of others, we need to be more open and accepting of how others choose to live there lives, and last but not least, if in doubt, check it out.

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