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Welcome to the FFNR Community site. We have created an area for naked communication for a wide variety of individuals. Your profiles and your settings can be set to your comfort level of the site. So if you want friends only to view your groups and or video's, photos and or information please take the time to set your privacy settings accordingly. What we are also asking is that everyone have a COMPLETE PROFILE. So please take the time to set yours up. No profile picture (Avatar in small circle) and cover page picture (Larger picture that sits behind your Avatar picture) (BOTH MUST BE UPLOADED) will indicate to us that you wish to be removed from the site. With having a complete profile this allows others within the community to can get to know you and have a better comfort level while enjoying themselves on our site. All insincere individuals that are just passing through will be removed from the site. We are allowing two weeks to get yourselves set up after this time period all incomplete profiles will be deleted. Group Creation is encouraged (Some open, some closed). You acknowledge by joining any groups that sensitive material may be present and by joining you accept the material within the group and maintain the choice to stay or remove yourself from any particular group. This is a friendly open minded site and no bullying will be tolerated. Enjoy yourself and make friends along the way. Please remain respectful. All groups created will be managed and monitored by the group creator and the administrators of this site. Thank You FFNR