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August 2016 we pull in the driveway at Freedom Fields to see what the ranch is all about. So curious about the property, the owners philosophies and several questions running through our minds. We are hoping the answers lead to a decision if this place is "right for us". As we step out of the car we are greeted by Hector and Yvonne and their warmth, positive energy and compassion for their sanctuary radiates from them. We begin our tour and conversation flows about the history of Freedom Fields and the community that Hector and Yvonne want to promote to those who join them. Darrell and I suddenly find our movement stuck by an overwhelming feeling of emotion and soulful energy. As "corny" as this may sound to some it was in that moment that we knew "this is exactly where we were supposed to be". As we laughed and were confused by the tears running down our face Yvonne and Hector clearly understood. As I am now convinced that all those who come to experience this wonderful place of freedom, also understand the amazing impact it can have on one's sense of self. 6 months later, we still can't tear ourselves away from the ranch. We have come to know and love Yvonne and Hector and their constant warmth and caring attitudes always present. We have become so comfortable with ourselves and others. We have met some amazing people who share the mind set that Yvonne and Hector promote through their genuine inclusiveness, diversity, respect, lack of judgement and freedom to be whoever you are! Yvonne and Hector take such pride in their ranch and their work ethics are impeccable. I am continually struck by the hard work and dedication that both put forth every day to continue to provide such a wonderful place for us all and I am always taken aback by the attention to detail that is shown everywhere on the property from the sparkling outhouses to the dragonfly details in the picnic tables. Everything rustic, well designed and built with their skill and togetherness. Now lets not forget to mention THE FUN! We have had sooooo much fun at Freedom Fields. The energy and constant laughter that I reflect on from Survivor Weekend, the awesome parties in the barn right down to the quiet naked chats around the kitchen table. All have been amazing experiences of FREEDOM. I encourage any of you interested in embracing your inner self to visit Freedom won't be disappointed.
Grace and Darrell
Posted By: Darrell and Grace DG123
My husband and I discovered Freedom Fields in the summer of 2015 and we are so happy that we found this place! FFNR is a little slice of heaven on earth! We've enjoyed some really fun times and met some really nice people here. The country setting is gorgeous and the property itself is beautifully maintained. Yvonne and Hector are the most warm and welcoming hosts. They make everyone feel at home, and if you are new to being a nudist, FFNR has an atmosphere that is very relaxed, open, friendly, and inclusive. We have made some really good friends at FFNR and it feels great being part of something special, a community of like-minded people. When you strip off your clothing and embrace being naked, you also strip away your cares and worries, and people accept you for who you are. It is very freeing! I like that at FFNR you can spend time alone, as a couple, or be part of the bigger group. The large deck, outdoor hot tub, and swimming pool are enjoyed daily, and there is an expansive 100 acre property for the adventurous types to explore (just beware the deer flies and use bug spray!). Hector is an amazing Chef, so I'd highly recommend planning on purchasing some meals; his cooking is delicious and always beautifully plated too! Yvonne and Hector outdo themselves in planning special events on the long weekends. The Watering Hole bar in the large barn rocks with live bands on long weekends and most everyone gets up on the dance floor. Other nights there is karaoke, always fun too. Several visitors are also musical and bring guitars and sing under the shade of the trees on the lawn. The Freedom Festival last summer was a blast and I made an awesome tie-died shirt and made a body cast too. The Survivor Weekend over labour day was the highlight of my summer! The challenges were fun and varied and we got to get to know a lot of new people, yes all naked! This year my husband and I took out an annual membership at FFNR and I'm stoked to be returning for 2016. Friends, conversation, laughter, music, dancing, sunshine, couple time, naps, food, beer, frosty drinks, campfires, games, bocce, euchre, special events....all make for a wonderful summer!
Posted By: Liz P
Great place. Great people. Really enjoyed the atmosphere, conversation, the food, the camp fire and accommodation. My advice to anyone who is curious and is thinking about giving it a try would be to check it out. One of the best weekends of the past too short summer.... First Summer weekend we can manage it we'll be returning -- hopefully for another fun "theme weekend". Just watch for the sign -- don't trust the GPS to find it.

Thanks again to Hector & Yvonne.
Posted By: KJ & KK
Freedom is named appropriately! This is my de-stress, be who you are, can go with my husband-girlfriends-all by myself, place. I have met so many great people from everywhere! Yvonne and Hector are exceptional hosts who genuinely care about their guests. I always feel safe there because your "behaviour is your passport" is taken seriously. I love the pool, hot tub and dogs. I make every effort to spend as much of my summer there as I can. Every year is better than the last, Yvonne and Hector have a new improvement week after week. If you are a woman looking for a place to try out nudism I can't think of a better place to do it! Experience the freedom for yourself and make a reservation at Freedom Fields right now.
Posted By: classicrockgirl
Hector & Yvonne put a great deal of hard work organizing this naked survivor weekend ,there effort sure paid off , as i have never seen so many smiling and happy faces , everything was prefect and even the weather co-operated and gave us plenty of sunshine.
I think I can safely say on behalf of all who attended a BIG THANK YOU to Hector & Yvonne for a most enjoyable labor day weekend .
Silver Fox
Posted By: Silver Fox
xxxx, kingston
My wife and myself would like to thank Yvonne and Hector for their gracious hospitality, my wife was very reluctant and nervous about becoming a nudist and after 2 visits to your Ranch, my wife has completely embraced nudism. The impact it has had on our relationship is massive. It allowed us to strip away barriers of communications that was beginning to poison our relationship.

The atmosphere was extremely respectful, behavior was never lewd, we plan on returning often, We are in honeymoon stage again after 9 years together. Why we didn't do this much sooner is a mystery but I guess it happened at the right stage in our life.

Kisses and Hugs to Yvonne and Hector
Posted By: M&C
Greater Kingston Area
Posted By: FFNR
I know we will be returning to this wonderful relaxing ranch again. Lucky for us its only 45 minutes away from where we live.

This past weekend we camped there for 2 nights.

Saturday nights dance left me smiling for a long time. Met lots of great folk.

Hope to see you all again real soon.

;-) -- Dan & Shar
Posted By: agentdan
Kingston, Ontario
During my and Raymond's stay in June 2015 at Freedom Fields Yvonne and Hector offered their personal touch. They were gracious hosts who shared stories of the planning and building of Freedom Fields. They also looked out for us during rain storms making sure we were not having problems with our tents.
Sauna and hot tub were side by side on a large deck with ample tables and chairs with benches wide enough to sun tan on.
The barn housed a bar, dance floor and many table and chair sets which provided a perfect refuge from rain storms. It was a very comfortable spot to chat and have our meals while listening to a sound system which had an endless selection of music venue. We saw a movie screen by the bar which is occasionally used for movie nights and bales of hay are used to sit on.
Freedom Fields offers in camp meals from a chip wagon called Hector's Hungry Hut. Yvonne and Hector were very attentive at providing meals for us which were large portions and savory.
Beside the main house campers can replenish their drinking water supply with treated well water.
The showers on the deck had a strong water pressure with plenty of hot water
The out houses were roomy with a store system for spare toilet paper as well as lighting
We loved the green direction they are taking the camp for instance the outdoor shower with the solar powered rain water reservoir sitting atop the tower.
Posted By: Dave Monaghan
When I learned that Freedom Fields were adding a naked community to their website, I was pleased and excited at such a prospect. A community of naked people bound together by a common interest, that of the simple joy of nakedness and the physical and spiritual benefits of being bare. I began to post pictures and comments to try and start a dialogue with anyone and everyone her. Unfortunately I was stymied by the sheer slowness of the site I began to experience lengthy delays. Once I found that it took 1:38 to load a page. I do not believe that most people will bear to wait that long, and so what was to be a lively conversation began to be a long dull experience. The lengthy delays in page loading meant that there was virtually no conversation in the community site. The delays experienced on this site make it unusable. No one in this age of social media will devoted the time required to see and experience this community for what it could be. So, to who ever is in charge of this internet site, please fix the speed of the site. The slowness is dishonour and a disservice to Freedom Fields.
Posted By: Alex Makarow
Happy Bare, Montreal

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